Social Media Marketing Systems

Facebook Ads + LinkedIn Ads = Strong Revenue

LinkedIn Ads

We recognize that generic strategies fall short when targeting on LinkedIn. That’s why I leverage the exceptional targeting capabilities of LinkedIn ads, along with cutting-edge tools, vast experience, and industry-specific expertise, to design customized advertising strategies that precisely reach and engage exactly who you are looking for.

Facebook Ads

Drawing on my vast experience and in-depth knowledge of the education sector, we expertly craft tailored Facebook advertising strategies designed to resonate with prospects.

These campaigns focus on your unique goals, ensuring maximum impact and effectiveness in reaching their target audience.

I also utilize other social media platforms as needed like Tik Tok, Snapchat etc.


I’m here to help companies thrive by offering thorough analysis and smart strategic planning. My hands-on approach provides actionable insights and personalized campaigns, empowering companies to effectively fill their lead pipeline and revenue goals.

Yamaro83 | Digital marketing | Minneapolis