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Why Yamaro83

What is the significance of our existence?

In 2018, I entered a local city council race with the sole purpose of contributing to my community’s betterment. Despite my vigorous campaigning efforts, including securing endorsements, canvassing, and purchasing campaign signs, my bid for the council seat ended in defeat, leaving me feeling disheartened and disappointed.

However, this experience allowed me to recognize the numerous challenges and hurdles involved in running a successful campaign, particularly the importance of delivering an effective message that resonates with a broad audience. During the same period, I was also working at a vocational school, where I witnessed firsthand the difficulties of marketing and increasing enrollment. Although the school had hired a digital marketing agency, the results were lackluster, with high costs and poor outcomes becoming the norm.

These experiences have taught me that educational institutions, like political candidates, require purposeful and personalized approaches to messaging. As a result, I founded Yamaro83, a company dedicated to providing tailored digital marketing solutions to educational institutions. By focusing on a personalized student approach, I can help schools communicate their message effectively and efficiently to their target audience, resulting in increased enrollment and overall success.