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Yamaro83 | Digital marketing | Minneapolis

Our Method

Β My expertise lies in creating People-Focused paid social campaigns with the goal of effectively hitting your goals and revenue.

Facebook Ads

Contrary to popular belief, Facebook ads continue to thrive in the world of digital marketing. No social media platform boasts more data than Facebook, surpassing Twitter, LinkedIn, and even TikTok. Combining Facebook ads with LinkedIn creates an incredibly potent advertising strategy, leveraging the unique strengths of each platform to maximize your campaign’s reach and effectiveness.

LinkedIn Ads

We concentrate on driving conversions with LinkedIn ads, leveraging its unique targeting and professional user base to reach high-quality student prospects. By employing strategic LinkedIn campaigns, we maximize the platform’s potential for tangible results and accelerated business growth.


We excel in student-focused paid social ads for colleges and universities, providing exceptional consultation services. Helping you create tailored campaigns that resonate with prospective students, ensuring clients achieve enrollment goals.

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These days testimonials are a dime a dozen. However I have worked side by side with these folks below and they know me pretty well.